The start of the firm can be traced back to 1993 as a national and international transport company- Šnobel Zdeněk.  In 1995, a transformation to a legal entity occurred and the name of the firm was changed to "BATAX-TRANS s.r.o.".  Concurrently, the company expanded the services offered concerning customs, shipments, warehousing, and customs declaration services.  Since the entrance of the Czech Republic into EU, we offer the service of customs declaration through our partner firm RSP Invest s.r.o., which offers the means of assurance of customs debts up to 7 mill. CZK.

            Our partners are renowned Czech and foreign firms, as well as smaller companies.   Our firm concentrates on its prime customers.  That means that our partners must be manufacturers, dealers, or direct exporters.  This practice guarantees that we are able to effectively respond to the transporting needs of our partners. 

            We concentrate on transport of goods around all of the European Union, with specialization particularly in countries of BENELUX, where we are able to provide EXPRESS transport when delivery deadline is within even 24 hours.  Our other destinations besides the EU are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Turkey.  Within the borders of the Czech Republic and EU we provide courier service of small shipments where the delivery times are counted in hours.

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